EXXON is Looking at Big Picture Mexico

The buzz is “Falling energy prices” these days but it looks as though Big Oil Companies such as EXXON and others like it are not afraid of the projections in the immediate future. Instead it looks as though they have their eye on the bigger picture. Investing in Mexico’s oil fields is looking pretty good right now…..

According to Mark Albers, senior vice president of Exxon Mobil, tumbling oil prices should not be a turnoff for the company’s interest in Mexico.

“We take a long term view,” he said, in answer to a question from the FT at a business conference, writes Jude Webber in Quéretaro.

“I wouldn’t rule out any resource type based on today’s prices – it’s a longer term view than that,” he said. (courtesy of the APP)

EXXON it is said is considering a considerably scaling range of crude and natural gas prices and are taking the long-term perspective in this endeavor.  EXXON seems to be focused on becoming the  lowest cost producer for all resource types in an effort to maintain consistency and not suffer an impact by what might otherwise be fluctuating prices.

Mexico is expected to announce fiscal terms for the first bidding rounds in November; falling prices put the onus on Mexico’s government to take care the terms are competitive.


Hijole! Tequila Con Inciendo…


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Ashley Foods Releases a Potent Blend of Fire and Alcohol

Sudbury, MA (PRWEB) -The fabulous fire-crafting geniuses over at the Ashley Food Company are doing it again. Only this time, they are mixing your two favorite things together into the most potent blend of fire and flavor you can imagine. That’s right; Mad Dog has married tequila. The result is a potion so powerful that it can’t be sold in a bottle bigger than 1 oz.

According to David Ashley, the founder of Ashley Food Company, “Tequila is the perfect partner to the ghost pepper (bhut jolokia) as it doesn’t do anything to dull the fire, and it enhances the naturally intense fruity flavor these chilies can have.” And one drop of the Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Extract – Tequila Edition is all you need to believe it. “Ghost peppers can boast over one million Scoville units of otherworldly heat. That’s so intense that we have to plaster cautions and warnings all over our packaging.”

The Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Extract – Tequila Edition is the latest addition to the Mad Dog family of extreme hot sauces, extracts and oils. Each product is unique, as is the newest mouth-melting release, but they all have something in common too. Each sauce is hand measured and made. Ghost Peppers grown in India are steeped in 80-proof salted tequila to create small, handcrafted batches of Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Extract – Tequila Edition. It’s serious business; so intense actually, that the recipe took over 2 years of testing to perfect.

The Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Extract – Tequila Edition is packaged in a small bottle with an eye dropper because of the killer fire and flavor of this mixture. It’s the perfect addition to chilies, soups, stir-fries and, of course, cocktails. The capsaicin found in chili peppers can do some remarkable things, and a drop of this mixture can also alleviate your headaches. “As long as you respect just how blazing this extract is, you’re in for a flavor revolution,” claims Ashley.

David Ashley founded the Ashley Food Company in 1991. But Mad Dog was born five years earlier in David’s Brighton, Massachusetts kitchen. Glowing reviews and multiple national hot sauce awards followed the development of their hand-crafted artisanal Mad Dog sauces. The acclaim came with collaborative inquiries from rock stars Joe Perry of Aerosmith and Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. Together, they produced products such as Joe Perry’s Rock Your World Boneyard Brew Hot Sauce and a line of Wok Sauces with Bob Weir. The Ashley Food Company still uses only the finest all natural ingredients, importing peppers and spices from all over the world as well as growing them locally for the hottest sauces you can stand – and some that are much hotter than that.
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