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It’s snowing outside, and colder than ever before, what are you dreaming about?   BEACHES!!!  Warm, luxurious, sun drenched beachfronts, resplendent with azure blue waters lapping the shore, colorful cocktails with pink umbrellas, and the perfect bikini.

While there are innumerable destinations to consider, finding one that doesn’t take a day and a half to travel to, and is affordable, is another story.  Consider this: CANCUN, MEXICO.

Okay, I know the first thing you thought of was “SAFETY” and of course “HEALTH”. I would too, but put this in perspective.  Would you avoid Disneyland, because East Los Angeles is entrenched in gang warfare and drive-by shootings?  Mexico is a big country, and while there is undeniable violence in some parts of Mexico, those areas of extreme violence in fact, border the United States, and by and large involve U.S Citizens involved in drug trafficking.  

Swine Flu health issues tend to be the second thought, and yet, here in the U.S and in Canada we have growing numbers of Swine Flu cases outweighing the numbers of reported cases in Mexico.  In truth the swine flu cases reported in Mexico are found in the anterior regions of Mexico City and in Pueblo’s where the closest doctor is at minimum a half day of travel and a week’s wages to pay the bill for the average countryman.

CANCUN, in her efforts to bring back travel and tourism, has taken on a project in which the beaches once more are restored to their pre-Hurricane Wilma condition. In 2005 Hurricane Wilma hit the Yucatan coast, damaging the pristine shoreline and causing erosion. The result of which was a diminishing beach.  It is extremely difficult to call the tourist to Cancun on the premise of abundant sandy white beaches, when your beach is eroding away.

The officials however, of Cancun and her surrounding area, began a beach restoration project in September of 2009, estimated at $71 Million Dollars to rebuild the Hotel area beaches.  It is reported that most of the work has in fact been completed, and there is an abundance of sand upon which to stake your claim for a day or a week, to enjoy the cool blue waters and resplendent sunshine!

Hard to believe? Visit www.bluechannel.com.mx/recuperacion2009/ for your own bird’s eye view of the newly improved Cancun Beaches!  According to the restoration reports, it took more than 2,000 tons of pipeline material shipped in, and more than 6.1 million cubic meters of sand!! That’s one enormous SANDBOX to play in, if you ask me!!

Said to be one of the World’s Best Beaches, the Ritz-Carlton added a 300 foot deep beach to their resort, and they take an incredible pride in having been a part of the project.  They are so proud, in fact, that the Ritz Carlton Resort has integrated some incredible romance in the beach scene, to be enjoyed anytime, and all the time. Can you see yourself getting a deep tissue massage under a breezy cabana on the beach? Maybe you and yours are dining, actually dining ON THE BEACH at your own private table, while the waves lap the shore right in front of you, and the moon lights up the sky for added natural ambiance? WAIT! On some evenings of the week, you can lounge, yes, LOUNGE in front of a bonfire on the beach sipping your favorite libation….Classic Margarita? Mojito? Pacifico Beer?  COME ON! It’s ALL worth day dreaming about from the snowy window, isn’t it?  Check it out, www.allaboutmexico.com and www.allaboutcancun.com.  Find the resources you need to plan your trip, and GO!  Adventure is waiting for you, and the rates have never been more affordable. Are you going to let opportunity pass you by?