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The U.S. government is reissuing warning for travel to parts of Mexico after 3 Americans were killed this past weekend. Interestingly enough, church missions are still on track and still planning to go. 

While the travel warning has been in effect for some time, the consensus of opinion is that this is NOT adversely affecting Mexico. In truth, that mentality is short-sighted, because the travel industry of Mexico has suffered significantly on the heels of all of the violence and media exposure. It’s irresponsible reporting as well, as there is no quantification of the locations of the violence specific to the geography associated with the destinations in Mexico. Again, poses the question, would you not go to Disneyland because of gang violence and shootings in East Los Angeles? It’s absurd, in this bloggers opinion.

So the story goes, three people with “ties” to the American Consulate were killed this past weekend coming from a children’s party. There were of course kids in the car when the shooting took place and someone’s wife who was pregnant. They further the tale with the idea that it was innocent and the three who were targeted have only the association to the consulate to blame for the shooting. Okay, so give me a damn break! Just because they worked at the consulate and were American doesn’t make them innocent of involvement with drugs, and everything points to the consideration that maybe, JUST MAYBE, these three people were involved in the drug trafficking in some way. Honestly, experience and understanding of this particular topic speaks of dirty involvement. In other words, they had to have associations and been engaged in some way, to be a target. Black and White. Now perhaps its possible that these three were on the team of the good guys, but I am going to have to say, initial instinct indicates there was nothing good about it, especially with kids involved.

Why? Mexicans, by and large,by culture and society are ALL ABOUT KIDS. It doesn’t matter who you are. Taking out three people with kids in the car in front of a birthday party loaded with kids, is someone’s way of sending a VERY clear message with significant motive to do so. A Mexican, even a drug lord, will not engage in such criminal activity nor expose innocent children to such acts of violence or trauma without a pretty damn good reason in their assessment. It’s cultural.

My guess is that as the investigation unfolds, what will come to light, is the involvement of the targeted in the drug trade and a deal gone bad.

As a tourist, if you don’t get involved in the activity, you don’t solicit drugs from someone on the street in the barrio or your taxi driver in destination, and you don’t put yourself in the middle of a border town where transactions and dirty business is known to be (these don’t occur in high-profile locations and tourist areas) then you have no reason to be concerned for your safety and well-being, because frankly, they could care less about you. They have a business to do. They are in the business of buying and selling drugs and someone wants to keep them from this mass enterprise, and cutoff their income. They are not taking it out on any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Further, is the consideration of this. Mendocino County, California is known as the EMERALD TRIANGLE for the purpose of growing and selling pot for “medicinal purposes”. The farms and agriculture in the county for this particular trade is as big if not bigger than the agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. If the government were to extinguish the trade and reform the California law that allows the farming of the product, the county, who reaps 68% of total revenue from this industry who go defunct and bankrupt, because POT FARMING is the number one trade of the economy.   There has been an increase in violence in the serene hills and mountains of the Emerald Triangle known as Mendocino County. Fires and shootings and much worse, for the profitable trade. One plant yields a street value of $10,000.00 once harvested. What is the difference? Media doesn’t focus on the country, nor is it exposed for the violence or trafficking that goes on there, and we are not warned against visiting San Francisco because 225 miles up the road they are killing one another over the agriculture and trafficking there….

Perspective is amazing. Media is irresponsible. Reporters are irresponsible, because they do not give you the WHOLE story. They don’t tell you all of the details, and they surmise as though an entire country consisting of 31 states and millions of hard-working INNOCENTS, affecting an economy in the one area upon which it must survive. TRAVEL and TOURISM.

I would love to wring their irresponsible necks and teach them accurate reporting. Teach them that what they are doing is wrong, and to report on such topics should mandate a responsibility to report accurately and without bias. OBJECTIVE reporting. Whatever happened to that?

A reporter for the Marin Herald is quoted as writing: “The State Department has issued a new warning urging Americans to avoid any unnecessary travel to six northern Mexico border cities, but thousands of Americans crossed into Mexico on Monday like it was any other normal day. ” 

Well DUH! And why the hell not? As for warnings by the U.S government, I have to ask about the hypocrisy of it all…..San Diego/Tijuana is 1000 miles from Mendocino. Why are they not reporting accordingly, or warning accurately. Why is there not a warning against travelling to Mendocino, when this week has seen just as much if not MORE violence? 

“The scope of the untaxed marijuana market in the economically besieged state of California has generated calls for legalization, which may be put before the state’s voters next fall. As a result, arguments pro and con are proliferating. One of the more intriguing lines of reasoning in favor of legalization puts the trade in international context: the more cannabis is cultivated locally, the less will be imported from the hyper-violent Mexican drug cartels. According to an October 7, 2009 CBC News report, “Stiff competition from thousands of mom-and-pop marijuana farmers in the United States threatens the bottom line for powerful Mexican drug organizations in a way that decades of arrests and seizures have not, according to law enforcement officials and pot growers in the United States and Mexico” (http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/10/07/politics/washingtonpost/main5368594.shtml).

Yet as the CBS story goes on show, the distinction between domestic and foreign cannabis is not necessarily clear-cut. Mexican drug gangs grow large amounts of marijuana in California, generally in remote public lands. In Mendocino County as elsewhere, such activity is widely condemned and increasingly targeted by law enforcement agencies. According to the January 13, 2010 issue of the Ukiah Daily, the County of Mendocino Marijuana Eradication Team had a record-breaking year in 2009, seizing 541,250 plants weighing 205,044 pounds. The campaign is popular among Mendocino voters – even those who make their livings as small-scale marijuana cultivators. According to country Sheriff Tom Allman, the team’s mandate was to “focus on large commercial marijuana operations and focus on people who are greedy” (http://www.ukiahdailyjournal.com/ci_14178382).

(Posted by Martin W. Lewis at 7:59 AM “)
Marijuana cultivation and distribution are crimes under federal law- and the federal and state laws are now pitted against one another. One sites you can grow up to 25 plants and harvest for medical purpose, and Oakland California has a DAMN COLLEGE for the “how to” and certification to grow it…..
Its all a mess. Its all drugs. Its all wrong. Backwards and wrong, but who is to blame for it? THE AMERICAN CONSUMER SMOKING THE CANNIBUS.


Go to Mexico. Don’t buy drugs, don’t talk to strangers, visit beautiful places and mind your own business and you will be safe. You will have the time of your life. You will see humanity and kindness and culture at its best, and you will have the memories of a lifetime.