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“California lawmakers on Tuesday endorsed an overhaul of the state’s marijuana laws by pushing forward a bill to legalize adult recreational use and taxation of the drug. The 4-3 vote by the Assembly Public Safety Committee was the first in the nation by a legislative body supporting recreational use of the drug. But several of the lawmakers who voted for the plan said they did so only to extend debate…..”

Only to EXTEND THE DEBATE??? Who do we think is fueling the fire on the drug war on our borders? Better yet, why were there 18 killings in Acapulco this week on the “warfront” ? I will tell you why. Because WE are fueling it, and WE are supporting it as a nation. While we continue to consider the legalization of the pot, and listen to the Arnold Schwartzenegger’s of the world, with their “open mind”, we fail to consider our social responsibility or the cause and effect of the bigger picture, and we create chaos the world over.

Americans created the chaos in the credit crises. Americans created the chaos in the decline of the economy, and Americans are creating chaos and are the driving force behind the drug cartels.

Salinas, California, a central valley, farming community for artichokes, lettuce and strawberries primarily, is known to have one of the biggest Gang problems in the United States. Driven by…..drugs.East Los Angeles, another gang populated area, again driven by drugs.  Let’s face it, we are the consumer for the product for which they are fighting across our borders, and we gasp! And we are outraged at the violence, and never take into consideration that our society, and our country is the driving force behind it all. Our KIDS are the consumers, and we turned our backs on Nancy Reagan’s “just say no” campaign. Instead we legalized Marijuana for the purpose of medicinal advantages and now we aim to legalize it and TAX it for the purpose of recreation?? Seriously??? Arnold approves the measure because it becomes a taxable trade and perhaps he can make up some of the loss financially that the state of California has seen. What is appalling in this big picture is the idea that 90% of the public school teachers recieved preliminary pink slips this week,  but hell, thats okay, because POT  is becoming a staple to the state income and will grow to be a major part of the economy for California.  The governor of California cut off the water supply to the central valley nut farmers, but supports the marijuana trade. I might be mistaken, but didn’t the credit crises begin in California as well?

Colleges and Universitys are cropping up all over Northern California for the purpose of the biology to GROW MARIJUANA. The supply cannot meet the demand, and I can assure you, the demand is not medicinally driven…I happen to know of many who got the “medical card” and haven’t even the common cold.

If I were a Drug Cartel, I would fight long and hard too, at all costs, because the return on investment far outweighs the cost of a life of two, The business is huge. Hydroponic growth operations, materials suppliers and botanists are all making a killing in the industry now, because pot farming has become the wave of the future and a new LEGAL industry.

Our kids leave home on Spring break, travel across the border and the first thing they look for? Not booze. You can get that at 18 in Mexico. Its drugs.  Once a concierge for travel into Cabo, I know first hand. I have been on the recieving end of  the imploring phone call from Cabo “you know where I can score?”….

Our kids run on down to Cancun, and Acapulco on Spring Break, and they go wild. We allow it. We send them off with a hug and a shrug “kids will be kids” and we pretend we don’t know what they are doing. We are astounded to learn that our kids die of alcohol poisoning, and dissappear in Aruba, and pretend we don’t know they are looking to the locals in Mexico to score the drugs??? OUR KIDS. By the THOUSANDS. Because our kids are spoiled, expect immediate gratification, and think “it can’t happen to them” and we pretend it doesn’t happen, and we don’t teach accountability by example, obviously.

The idea that we plead that it is not OUR PROBLEM, and its a travesty that this is happening on our borders is impossible for me to wrap my head around. Mexico calls in 50,000 additional troops to fight this war, and our reporters irresponsibly report the activity and events unfolding. The failure here is the very example we set for our own youth and the basic principal of ACCOUNTABILITY. The AMERICAN PUBLIC is responsible for the violence  and the hundreds of thousands that have died to fight this “war”.

How is Mexico, her President and her country supposed to win the war when we are consuming it faster than it can be trafficked in the name of Medicine and now Recreation? Do we expect that Mexico will accomplish the goal as long as we are openly and “legally” consuming it? Promoting the growth and farming and the  use through  Marijuana Colleges?  Are we so naive as to think that we have really no responsibility?

We shake our heads and whine that we cannot travel there because it is unsafe. If it is unsafe, it is because WE MADE IT UNSAFE.  We carry on about the safety of our children on Spring Break, and yet they are driving the consumption!

At what point do we take action, be accountable and assume responsibility to HELP Mexico achieve the end result for the greater good?

It is said that Marijuana is not an addictive drug. I can speak to the contrary, with a close relationship now entering his 30th year with a weekly habit that costs on average $75.00. That is $300 a month. He has no consistent job, allows his parents to support him, and everyone pretends he isn’t an addict. Anyone who has been doing it for 30 years, and spending that kind of money on it, IS an addict. Do the math, His contribution to the trade alone amounts to $117,000.00.  The poor shmuck could have bought a house for that money.  Instead, he lives in the one his parents own, and is so dysfunctional he cannot get out of his own way.   And he and his parents contributed over $100,000.00 to the industry.

 He is one of MILLIONS. Donald Trumps Apprentice has nothing on this business and their project management skills south of the border.

The point is, we lose perspective. It is easy for us to blame a society and condemn a country. We can refer to “those Mexicans” and pretend that we are above it, and it doesn’t happen in our country. We can jump on board with Hillary Clinton in her “get to the bottom of this” strategy of rushing on down to Mexico to meet with Calderon and “do something about it”, but it is this bloggers opinion, that unless Hillary is willing to take action right here on our own soil, and be accountable for our role in the matter, and stand up to the California Legislation and over turn the legalization, then it is all posturing and theatrics.

Mexico is beautiful. Go beyond Juarez, and El Paso, and see past Tijuana and Nogales, and you will discover tranquility and peace and beauty. Open doors that invite you in, and smiles on faces who just want to say “hello”. Stop in on a Plaza on a Sunday afternoon in any pueblo or town and you become part of the conversations, and catching up on the weeks town gossip.  Mexico as a COUNTRY is remarkable and brilliant and full of intelligent people. The land is fertile and the culture is rich. Here is the real kicker, they prefer BUDWEISER, and you will be hard pressed to find a Mexican who is stoned. They don’t do it. They simply grow it, and traffic it, for …….. THE U.S. CONSUMER.

Here is a question to ponder. Looking forward and into the future, while we perfect the farming and legalize it, what sort of war will WE be engaged in, when it becomes a country, pitted against a country, because the supplies are increasing, and the drug lords are now on both sides of the border and on  opposing country  teams???  It is this bloggers opinion that this  will happen. There will be massacres like never seen before, while those in the U.S stake their claim to the consumer and Mexico fights to hold on to a lucrative business, if we continue on this path.

In the meantime, our irresponsible accounts of a COUNTRY made up of 31 States, and millions of people suffers economic woes and significant hardships, because of misinformed, calculating, sensationalized journalism, recounting tales of events that take place in fewer than a dozen cities in 3 of the 31 States.   You have to love the perspective of the American.

” Its not my fault”      ” its happening everywhere” and my personal favorite, “because everyone said so”.

Do you know “everyone”?