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All of Mexico is all a flutter with just 24 hours to go until Mexico faces the host team South Africa with the opening match of FIFA WORLD CUP 2010….it all takes place tomorrow, June 11 @ Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg.

Mexico has hope in her eyes, and a song in her heart for the star defender Rafael Marquez, who suffered an injury in last weeks preliminary match with Italy. Marquez suffered a leg injury during their 2-1 victory over the world champions, Italy. 31 years young with the heart of a giant, Marquez is set to play.

Striker Guillermo Franco, recovered from a muscle injury that might otherwise have prevented him from playing in tomorrow’s matc, has 7 goals in 21 appearances for Mexico, and he  is one of those very few World Cup players who is currently out of contract in the soccer club. While currently a free agent, Striker could reclaim his status dependant upon his performance in tomorrow’s match against South Africa.

There is a resounding country wide pride, Mexico will gather in meeting halls, town centers, bars, restaurants and private homes to watch and route for her team.  Soccer to Mexico is what football is the United States, and this event, once every four years is the Superbowl of the Soccer world. Mexico has come prepared to do battle and once again make her mark on the world, with a strong team that includes players such as  Óscar Pérez, Márquez, Osorio, Magallón, Gerardo Torrado, Medina and Cuauhtémoc Blanco.

 There is fire in this opening game, with a home team advantage for South Africa and desire to open the games with a win, and Mexico’s passion and heat to take her host country from the get-go, with her experienced players and commitment to win.

Group A also includes France and Uruguay. France and Mexico are considered to be the  pre-tournament favorites from this division, however Uruguay poses a serious threat. However, Uruguay always poses threats for the super powers, while South Africa would like to capitalize on their home advantage.

Get your colors on, find a favorite bar, lounge, or recliner, but don’t expect to spend much time in your seat with this heated opening game, because it is sure to be exciting and keep you on the edge of your seat if not pacing or pouncing for this passionate kick off!