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Curious to know the projections for travel and tourism as it relates to Mexico and working to improve her damaged tourism trade, I happened onto the Virtuoso travel study results.

Virtuoso, the connoisseurs travel source network for the LAP of Luxury, has released the results of the 2010 Luxe Report . Luxe reports booking trends, the leading new destinations and the travelers vision of some of the world’s most upscale travelers throughout the world.

Based on surveys taken from Virtuoso’s network of travel advisors from such originations as those in United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Latin America. These are reportedly the top emerging destinations on the verge of becoming the most popular include tourism from India, Vietnam, Cuba, the Galapagos Islands, China and Chile. Destinations that continue to be the most popular holiday choices for 2010 are Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Australia and France.

The Luxe reports that those traveling are seeking authentic experiences in new destinations, the opportunity to truly rest uninterrupted and maximize relaxation. These travelers are focusing on valued human experiences and spending time or reconnecting with loved ones. When choosing a vacation, it seems that price is still a driving factor, even at the luxury end of the market. The most important determining factors were finding the right destination, obtaining value for money, finding the right activities and price.

Interestingly the survey also found that private villa rental is booming, with 41 percent expecting this market segment will increase in 2010 from the number of 2009 bookings, supporting the trend of connecting with loved ones in a private group setting.

The Luxe Report found that those traveling in luxury for this year 2010, are booking longer vacations in more distant destinations. Of the travel professionals surveyed, 71 per cent said that their clients are seeking international travel for ten or more days.

As boutique items and those one of a kind shops diminish and risk extinction, big box moves in gobbling up the little guys and the consumer begins to seek out the exclusivity in pioneering the destination or property. He has clout…few have had the experience. It is the epitome of luxury and that unique thing that few have had, creating a club, or brotherhood.

The Luxe Reports findings confirm the continuing interest amongst these travelers to find and seek out new destinations and experiences. With the dollar strong and renewed optimism in the marketplace over all, the demand for high end travel experiences that are not easily accessible to everyone. The human experience in Customer Service, booking through Virtuoso, is the experience of working with a live travel representative, catering to your travel needs, booking all of the arrangements, and beginning the travel journey. It is the connection, the bonding of the planning the lack of anyone’s automated, do it yourself, Expedia or Travelocity. Someone is catering to your every whim, and taking care of every detail for you. This is service. Interestingly, the report further justifies that the largest influence on the client’s travel choices is the grass roots, one to one experience, word of mouth, in addition to travel and lifestyle magazines