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I love the ignorance of the American who presumes he holds the corner on intelligence simply by virtue of the fact that he is an American and resides in the birthplace of technology.  

In my recent years in business, wherein the CEO and founders thought themselves superior to those within the country (Mexico) by whom they derived their plush if not luxury and opulent lifestyle.  I heard it said many times over, that Mexican’s and Mexico by and large, was not technologically inclined nor as advanced as we here in the States are.   I have always bristled at this outrageous if not narcissistic commentary and opinion, and have had to bite my tongue on more than one occasion, to keep from lambasting the superior speaker.

In truth the statistics and findings are contrary to the ignorant perception of the American. To follow are the statistics to prove my point:


Usage Patterns

Total Online Population (000’s) in 2009: 27,600
Percentage of Population Online in 2009: 24.8%


There were 27,600,000 internet users in Mexico (representing 24.8% of the population) in September 2009, according to Internet World Stats. This was up by 917.5% since 2000. (Internet World Stats, April 2010), this is a growth trend of average 100% per year.

There were 15.5 million home and work internet users age 15 and older in Mexico in March 2010, an increase of 20% from the previous year, making it one of the fastest-growing markets, according to comScore. Microsoft Sites ranked as the top online property in Mexico reaching more than 90% of the online population, followed by Google Sites, Yahoo! Sites and Facebook.

In March, the average internet visitor in Mexico spent 28 hours online (up 7.5%), consumed 1,898 pages of content (up 18%) and went online 49 times during the month (up 18.6%).

Mexico internet market, March 2010 (Total Mexico Internet Audience, Age 15+ (Home & Work Locations):
– Total unique visitors: 15,462,000 (+20% compared to March 2009) 
– Total visits: 758,923,000 (+42%)
– Average minutes per visitor: 1,687.8 (+7.5%)
– Average pages per visitor: 1.898 (+18%)
– Average visits per visitor: 49.1 (+18.6%)  

Among users age 15+, Microsoft Sites ranked as the top online property in Mexico with 14.3 million visitors, up 29% from the previous year, followed by Google Sites with 14.2 million visitors. Yahoo! Sites grabbed the #3 spot with 9 million visitors, followed by Facebook.com with 8.7 million visitors, more than triple the number of visitors from the previous year, as the social networking site solidified its popularity in the market. Online properties native to Latin America including Mercado Libre (5 million visitors), Batanga (nearly 5 million visitors), and Taringa.net (4.7 million visitors) also ranked among the top ten.

Top internet properties based on unique visitors, March 2010 – total Mexico internet audience, Age 15+ (Home & Work Locations):
Total internet: total audience: 15,462,000 (+20%)
– Microsoft Sites: 14,268,000 (+29%)
– Google Sites: 14,218,000 (+32%)
– Yahoo! Sites: 9,003,000 (+23%)
– Facebook.com: 8,736,000 (+224%)
– Wikimedia Foundation Sites: 7,312,000 (+35%)
– WordPress: 5,222,000 (+45%)
– MercadoLibre: 5,044,000 (-18%)
– Batanga: 4,975,000 (+10%)
– Taringa.net: 4,669,000 (+103%)
– HI5.com: 4,197,000 (+2%)
(comScore, May 2010) 

Online Travel Market

Travel Planning

Mexico’s tourism board, the Consejo de Promocion Turistica de Mexico, is collaborating with Latino social network Quepasa Corporation for an online initiative. Quepasa is promoting Mexico’s tourist destinations via online communities, which will index content related to specific destination and facilitate user interaction via blogs and viral tools.  The two entities will also approach online travel agencies, hotels and airlines with regards to sponsoring a broader viral campaign using the Quepasa Distributed Social Media platform.

(*New Media Trend Watch)

While it is evident that only a quarter of the country is represented in the statistics of usage, the point remains that the up and coming new generations are growing in substantial numbers and gaining in popularity every day. Facebook and Twitter are common to Mexicans in business and personal lives nowadays, and my own Facebook friends list is perfect testament to this theory, with over 33% of my friends on Facebook reaching out from Mexico directly.

It is a careful blend South of the Border of Old World Charm and Tranquility and New Age Technology and Accessibility. It is a much more competitive if not interesting world we live in that becomes smaller and smaller by the day, thanks to modern technology. There is no longer superiority in intelligence nor assimilation of information from one Nation to another. We are a species, all of us created equal in the eyes of God, all of us capable of the retention of information and expedience with which we circumnavigate the world from the stroke of a key and the laptop from which we gather and send out information.