What do you get when you cross a floating hotel with no power? The vacation you are not likely to forget, for a long, long time, and a different cause of Monteczuma’s Revenge…..Carnival Triumph is a post-Panamax Destiny/Triumph-class cruise ship, operated by Carnival Cruise Lines in the Caribbean, She entered service in 1999 and is on her most challenging voyage to date….

Floating off the Gulf of Mexico, hopefully, if the passengers can catch a break, bound for Mobile Alabama, is the Carnival Cruise ship “Triumph”, feeling a bit deflated with no triumph in site, she will be limping into port and the talk of travel to come for years and bad jokes when this has all aired itself out.

. An embarrassing event for the corporation Carnival Corp, that will undoubtedly see a significant dip to stocks and market value on the heels of this unsavory voyage.

Without fresh running water supplies,and an operating ventilation system, one can only wonder what being on board that ship, 3 days into the drift, is really like…A modern day horror! No operating sewage system, no operating trash system, no running water, no fresh provisions, no refrigeration……. all adding up to a considerable law suit and trouble for the Cruise Line Corporation. 

With more than 4,000 on board the ship, between passengers and crew, the conditions are reportedly worsening by the hour. While tugboats have been deployed to haul the vessel to  Mobile, Alabama, the orchestration will require 48 hours to reach the destination, while people focus on the survival of it all. Survival goes beyond running water and food, and takes the human condition to an emotional place, where tension runs high, tempers are short fused and fights are ensuing over food, rations and general discontent. 

“Conditions are getting worse by the hour,” passenger Debra Rightmire texted to ABC News. “Cabin carpets are wet with urine and water. Toilets are overflowing inside cabins. We are having to sleep in the hallways.”

With soaring temperatures, people are sleeping on deck in makeshift tents because the urine and water from inoperable systems is beginning to seep into carpets and rise up from the bowels of the ship…quite literally.

Although other vessels are offering aid in food and provision, the rations are creating hysteria while passengers wait 4 hours for a burger according to a passenger text from ship to shore.

The company says it will refund passengers for the cost of the cruise, as well as a future “credit equal to the amount paid” for the ill-fated voyage. Certainly this is only the beginning of the financial woes Carnival Corp will see on the heels of such a major, modern day catastrophe, and it will be interesting to watch and see how they get this one “cleaned up”.

Who knew cruising could be such a survival game in the modern age?