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I am sure some have checked back for new posts. My apologies for the extended absence to my own blog, I have been busy making a difference in Mexico and the U.S and living a lifelong dream.

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When you have the benefit of living and working in a culture that feels like home, it ceases to be work and becomes a lifestyle and a happiness from deep within. This is my experience as of late. On new emerging tequila products professionally (I am a Marketing Professional) and as well a team of Oil and Gas professionals in the United States and a team of Professionals in Mexico, in the exploitation and production of our natural resources, my efforts are creating industry, economy and a long term concept for additional economic growth and education, that will take Mexico from a third world country to a contender for World Superpower.

I have been dismayed all the while at the propaganda surrounding our immigration status. While the perception is the mass influx of immigrants are “Mexican” the reality is they are Honduran, Guatemalan and Salvadoran, and Mexico struggles with the same issue as they are hustled through Mexico to get to the United States Border. Not all is what it seems however. I see social media posts and listen to conversations in which American’s suggest we simply set the National Guard at the border and open fire on those coming in illegally. I am disgusted at this idea.

We are all human. We spend billions sending money overseas to support human efforts to affect social injustice, and yet we think to execute those crossing into our country? Why not spend all that money on a more effective humane border control and put to rest the idea that it might even be in the same zip code as acceptable to “kill them all” trying to get in.  Is this not the insanity behind gun control to begin with? What is further disturbing? While the percpetion in ignorance lends itslf to the mentality that the illegal immigrant is “Mexican” it’s never reported that there are millions of Ex-Pats living ILLEGALLY in Mexico milking her system. Ironic isn’t it? Hard to think about?

The average luxury home is less than $200K USD. Daily maids average $40 pesos a day. Do the math, the conversion is $12.96 to the peso. She cooks, cleans, laundry, ironing…..the whole shebang all day long, for 40 pesos. A personal chef? $100 pesos a day. Yep. Thats it. Educated at Cordon Bleu, degrees in Gastronomy, and their service is worth less than $10 per day USD. Medical Care? Forgettaboutit! Root Canals average $100 USD and a house call Dr educated at Scripps, in the United States, $120 USD per visit (up to two hours).  So why wouldn’t you, in this economy and failing administration, run south of the border, to live? You certainly cannot afford this lifestyle in the United States and nowadays your reserves and savings accounts have to sustain you through retirement as social security runs out. Makes perfect economic sense!

On the tequila front and a happier note, I have been working on some fun tequila projects and emerging products. I spent a week and a half in Guadalajara, on assignment, for both Tequila and Oil and the entire experience was amazing. From the initial taste test and sample of the newest chemistry from distillery Confradia and endorsed by the 5th Generation SAUZA TEQUILA heir, Jaime SAUZA, this new product promises to be a winner and sweep the competition. Smooth, Soft, and complex, with a 5 year and 7 year Anejo ready to release, I might be bold, but this one is definitely a market heavyweight!

A new mixology in Tequila that has an Italian infusion that shall not be named (come on, Anticipation is a good thing!), is this girls absolute new favorite. I had the opportunity to take my own bottle away for the week, to imbibe in the evenings in the privacy of my hotel room and decompression and was remiss to return home to the states without it. Not yet labeled nor certified and approved in Mexico, this one was a special treat and I cannot wait until it does hit the market!

You can follow my byline in Tequila Aficionado beginning this week. Yesterday saw my inaugural article and introduction as a contributor to this prestigious and illustrious publication and the weeks to come focus on the experience I recently had with these new products and the negotiations of a beautiful cross border relationship in Oil and Energy. Taking my readers on an unforgettable journey inside the world of Tequila production and market launch and the journey through Guadalajara, Tequila and Tepalpa that will not soon be forgotten and the relationships along the way.

I have included in the series, one on one interviews with Jaime Sauza, and the pride of his ancestry and legacy, as well as his amazing if not beautiful mother. A conversation with the founder of the infamous Tequila Express, an exclusive pass and look into Guadalajara’s “Tequila Lounge” – by invitation only and premised on relationships, this access was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I will highlight a decadent Spa Experience in the mountains of Colima that left me breathless, and a day of history and tasting at the oldest distillery in Tequila, Jalisco Mexico. I will even include a glimpse into my day as a “Jimador” ! You can read the series by subscribing to http://www.tequilaaficionado.com

Curious to know how things are shaping up in Oil in Mexico?  Me too, so I write about it! You can follow me and read up on the history being made in Mexico by subscribing to News and Media, http://www.terraenergyresourcescorporation.com

Thank you as always, for following me and reading up on my Mexico. I welcome your comments and feedback and of course if you want to know more, have topics of particular interest or would like details on anything pertaining to Mexico, feel free to ask!