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What they should have looked like!

Yeah….my version didn’t look anything like this beautiful dessert libation!

Last week the internet was all a flutter over a new, visually enticing and potentially addictive epicurean dream; a deep fried tequila shot. The innovative tequila creation dreamt up by Amy Erickson for her food blog, Oh, Bite It!, these “melt-in-your-mouth” cubes of tequila-drenched sponge cake are purported to be “just the thing to serve as a crowd-pleaser at end-of-summer soirees, or as a post-dinner delight at any time of year”.   Given all the hype I decided to take it on a test run in my own kitchen.

Using a 5 year Anejo, and both Sponge Cake and Angel Food Cake, I soaked the cubes as instructed and immersed them in the hot oil, to the letter of the temperature specified in Oh Bite It!.  It might have been the fact that I live in the rockies and altitude factors in to all kitchen nightmares, or that the oil I used was not light enough. It might have been the initial texture of the cakes I used to work with; I know with certainty it was NOT the tequila, because I was of course sipping at the same time as experimenting and this particular juice went down smooth and with a smile…..

While not a complicated kitchen fiasco, this one was a fiasco none the less. My cubes were not cubes at all but flat drippy soffy little sponges. The tequila and oil left a film in my mouth that left me feeling like the cat when she has gotten into a cube of butter…incessant licking followed. .The “golden brown” color never seemed to materialize, and instead the result was a smooshy, unattractive waste of a perfectly good cup of tequila.

Lisa's Test Kitchen

Meet Lisa Pietsch Of T.A’s Test Kitchen

I have since decided I have no business playing “Tequila Test Kitchen” and I should leave this one up to the professionals. In this light I introduce Lisa’s Test Kitchen over yonder at Tequila Aficionado. The hottest digital rag on the web highlighting the important tidbits and taste’s of the Tequila Lifestyle, in everything from cocktails, to taste tests and some insane baking in between by Lisa Pietsch     . Following Lisa is nothing short of entertaining, from her prose to her end product, following Lisa is never dull!

Infusing, none other than  our favorite spirit, Tequila. I have to say the images that coast across my Facebook Wall from the Tequila Aficionado Facebook Page have been known to prompt a “nom, nom, nom” out loud a time or two. I can only imagine the scrumptious finished products! The best part? Lisa knows what she is doing, and never seems to have the Epic Fails I have so clearly executed in my own kitchen.

Mike and Alex Sipping Off The Cuff

Mike and Alex don’t always snort tequila, sometimes they take a sip, or two, or three…..

Tequila Aficionado features some great reviews, videos on product, such as the series “Sipping Off the Cuff” which features tequila’s old and new,emerging in the market and open for a candid review.

Focusing on the nuances that make a good or great and sometimes bad tequila, these two offer up an entertaining segment every time!

 The newest addition to Tequila Aficionado is a travel series byline by yours truly,“Jessica’s Epic Journey” that follows tequila travel and my experiences with luggage in tow in the tequila world. Opening with a “week -long -no-name- brand- new- private -label- product -marketing- mission” to Guadalajara, I take you from taste tests to one on one interviews with historical figures in tequila. We venture to an extraordinary spa with a farm to table dining experience to die for, and a massage that gets mileage, literally! Historic tours through original distilleries and dispelling the myth behind the lime and salt from the one man who would know! The series just started so you have time to binge read and catch up!

If you are interested in trying your hand at the Fried Tequila Shots, visit Amy Erickson’s Blog “Oh, Bite It!” and follow the recipe. Hopefully you will have more luck than I did and will impress your friends! As for me, I will get out the jello and the plastic shot cups and go back to the old fashioned way……