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What to do with those pesky old tequila bottles? It’s holiday time and there are some pretty clever Do-It-Yourself ideas out there. 

One of my favorite things about Mexico is the tropical climate of the country and the lush foliage that beckons the birds. My favorite bird being the Hummingbird. I have sat through meetings in the dullest of conversations and gotten lost in a view of a garden out the window and the flittering hummingbirds that dance and flirt with one another in the greenery…

Combining my love of tequila and my love of the hummingbird is a no brainer here…but remember, before you make the feeder, drink the juice….responsibly…….

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Hummingbird Feeder I love the idea of repurposing my tequila bottles! With the variety of shapes, colors, glass, each feeder is as bound to be as unique and one of a kind as the tequila itself.

I saw this idea once in a small shop in California. I thought “what a way to make a living! Drink and create; it doesn’t get any better!”

The tequila bottle hummingbird feeder essentially hung from a wire “cage”, or sheath, if you will, that wrapped around the body of the bottle decoratively and served to suspend the weight of the bottle and the nectar within. The additional bright bead embellishment served to not only make it aesthetically pleasing but drew the birds to the feeder with the attraction of brightly colored beads that reflect light and color with the sun.

You Will Need:  

Tequila Bottle (Drink it!)      Bucket (not for THAT)

Dish Soap (Look Under the Kitchen Sink!)         Wire (Hobby, Craft or Hardware Store)

Wire cutters (Hobby, Craft or Hardware Store)

Beads(Bead Specialty Shop or Craft Store)

Bottle stopper with feed tube (pet store or Garden Center)

How It’s Made:


Step 1

Choose from a variety of tequila bottles you have saved from your tastings, parties, or moments of self preservation and peace. Submerge the bottle and soak in warm soapy water. After it soaks for a day, the label will peel or scrape right off.Soak Tequila Bottles

Step 2

 Cut the wire to 36-inch lengths. You’ll need four pieces. You’ll cut off excess later, but it is better to have too much than not enough length.


Step 3

You’ll need to identify the middle point of each length of wire. Start with the midpoints of two of the pieces of wire, and wrap each around the neck of the bottle crossing the two in opposite directions. As you crisscross the wires, twist at the point of the crossovers on each side. Twist five rotations at each crossover. Repeat this step with the second set of wires. Make sure this step looks nice and neat. The rest of the project will go smoothly if the first twists are uniform.


Step 4

Thread each twist with two beads and spread to separate the wires. This will keep the beads in place before the next step.

 Beads on Wire

Step 5

Continue to crisscross, twist five times, thread the beads, separate wire, and repeat until the bottle is encapsulated in the wire and bead cage. Make sure you twist tightly for a clean appearance on all twists and to be consistent throughout the project.

 Decorating Glass Bottles

Step 6

 For the last set of crisscrosses, continue to twist past the five twists and on through to the ends. You’ll end up with four sets of two-wire twists. Cut off excess wire and make all four ends the same length, being careful to give yourself enough length to make a hanger loop. Take two adjacent sets of twisted wires and twist them together to the end. Repeat with the other two sets. Loop the twisted wires around your finger or a dowel and twist the ends, finishing off the loop. And again, maintain a nice clean look.

 Cutting Wire

Step 7

Make the hummingbird nectar by heating up a sugar water solution of four parts water to one part plain white sugar. Allow to cool before filling the bottle. (Please do not use food coloring or honey in the water. This could harm the birds.) Insert the feeder stopper to fit snuggly, hang the feeder on a hook in your garden (preferably next to red flowering native plants), and enjoy!

 Hummingbird Feeder