About Jessica

Jessica ArentIt may be because I was raised speaking Spanish, influenced by a Hispanic caregiver (A nurturing culture by nature full of abundant love), or it may be simply that the Latin culture appeals to my personal senses and values.  Regardless of why, it seems that throughout my career, I have been drawn time and time again back to the  Hispanic culture to serve one purpose or another in business.

Starting my career with Univision Television in advertising, I quickly grew a passion for messaging and creatives in a multicultural environment.  This later led to the redevelopment concepts and execution of http://www.allaboutmexico.com for which I assembled a talented team of professionals in  3 languages and 3 countries to redesign, and execute an informative and visually dynamic, comprehensive website that authentically represent Mexico and her diverse landscape and culture. I  have created and successfully executed customer service teams and personal concierge programs catering to the most affluent, discerning,  if not socially influential personalities in the luxury travel market for Los Cabos, Mexico and I have launched successful relocation programs for ex-pats seeking warmer climates and a quality of life in Mexico.  I have liaised complex business negotiations in all facets from Political Official’s to small businesses, and I have established a reputation and a name for myself throughout Mexico as a deeply respected, reliable, trustworthy and integrity driven professional in all manners of business, both  large and small.

As Mexico as a country has earned a “bad rap” in these recent years, so too has she suffered an economic loss for the town turn in tourism and her economy, and Mexico is  just now starting to make a come back for her splendor and economic advantages.  We are seeing an upswing in migration of ex-pats moving to her warmer regions and setting up house, corporations launching “off shore” operations increasing her employment opportunities and teaching new skills, tourism increasing to her many destinations of interest and cross culture opportunities, and social movements setting the bar for the greater equality of mankind.

With the new President we are venturing into a new Mexico, in which she strives to be a super power, eliminating the war on the cartels to calm her history in violence and an upswing in Entreprenuers capitalizing on her products throughout the world, such as tequila and mezcal spirits.

It is my intention with this blog, to highlight all of these relevant topics and more, emphasizing her positive attributes and enlightening my readers, one at a time of the Latino Land of Opportunity and a culture I have come to love and admire.

Bienvenidos! This is Jessica’s Mexico.

1 thought on “About Jessica”

  1. Hola! It’s Eric B from the Agave Idiots. I just wanted to reach out to introduce myself, and thank you for mentioning us in your blog. Looks like you’re doing some great work with Jessia’s Mexico. Please call me when you get a chance, or forward your contact info and I’ll call you.



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