epic2Standing on the beach at the edge of the Palm grove, the waves are cranking. You catch sight of a right break that favors a northwest swell and you fire up. You ride out and catch the epic wave; taking the drop and cutting into the tube like butter. The ride is smooth, surreal, and lasts, until you ride out the other side, finishing like riding glass…..   
This is Cerritos. This is Tequila. Seriously, you read right; Tequila. It makes perfect sense however, that this Tequila name is synonymous with the Destination…the experience, in my opinion is nothing short of epic.  18616_10200216717294346_132622595_n
I get a lot of phone calls, requests to taste, comment, brand, consult, market Tequila products, however very few really stand up for me. Especially in the Anejo class. When I do discover one that is exceptional, I stand up and take notice.  Cerritos is without a doubt, one of those noticeable moments.
Removing the seal and pulling the cork out of the bottle the first time, the first thing I noticed was that there was no release of fumes. Putting my nose to the bottle, there was a light airy waft of vanilla that came off the lip but smooth and elegant.
Putting the snifter to my nose, I inhaled deeply. Hints of vanilla, stronger now, with caramel ribbons, and waves of toffee. I put my lips to the glass, expecting a slight numbing feeling, but none came. The golden liquid passed my lips and over my tongue so smoothly, it was like riding that tube…..leaving a mystic, smokey finish in the wake. 
Cerritos Tequila is undoubtedly a surprising competitor in the Anejo class, as there is considerable controversy in the professional tequila circles, experts and audience  regarding the branding of the product.  Seemingly the surf concept behind the brand, lends to the idea of a beer guzzling, “dude” saying, short pant toting misfit who doesn’t have a real job or career because that employer doesn’t understand that when the waves are up, its time to go! This can potentially translate to an audience that the product is not too terribly sophisticated. So you can imagine that anyone sampling this most awesome juice dude, won’t know what hit them! Sometimes controversy in branding can pay off, it gives “them” something to talk about….
I am a fan of the bottle and the logo, but then again I come from surf territory…images (3)I am not spending my time working around the waves, and I am not stoned. I don’t use “dude” and beer isn’t my first choice. I really like long pants, I don’t have more than one pair of flip flops and I am a smarter audience. I also love the ocean and the surf community, and tequila, and why not blend the loves and produce something epic that executes like the perfect wave? The bottle speaks to this lifestyle of simple natural enjoyment. Simple, traditionally shaped with a robust belly and a long nape of a neck, the bottle is classic “bottile-celli” )get it?).           The illusion of clear glass so not overly stated and conventional by design, the feel you get is sand. A hint of color to the bottle, with a logo that blends in earth tones of rusts and chocolate in the graphics and fonts, the bottle can transport you to the beach from a cold mid-winter day in Madison. Wisconsin!  Palm trees and a surf board are the design, and the impression from my perspective works well, and conveys a great story to the audience.
What’s the story behind this product?  Its a name, really. Tequila consumer, and enthusiast, the Mexican Developer ,Don Antonio Córdova, Soliciting the educated and well versed expert, Don Jaime González a special edition of Añejo was produced for Don Antonio Cordova’s family and closest friends. A 15 year tradition that continues.  Don Jaime and Con Antonio have since collaborated in creating a very special Añejo.  Further perfecting their  Tequila Manufacturing process, the  Agave plants grow on the actual Tequila Mountain, Volcano de Tequila in Tequila Jalisco.   It is here that Don Jaime owns 1500 hectares and has created a special strain of Agave plants on the Hills of Tequila;  Cerritos.
This land grows the finest blue agave plants. Climate, soil, and natural elements are the recipe for true, authentic manufacturing of any Tequila. When it is time to harvest,  the  head and the tail are cut off the piña so only the heart, “corazón”, of the agave plant remains and is cooked. Cultivating their own yeast the agave sugars are converted to the purest alcohol.  The Tequila is then laid to rest, aging the elixir in virgin burnt white oak barrels to create Cerritos Anejo.
Currently distributed by Perfect Waves Distributors out of the Silicon Valley, in California, the company head is no stranger to surfing…..web to waves, this guy lives and works less than 30 minutes from the original “Surf City: (still in debate with SOCAL), Santa Cruz, California. When he isn’t there you will find him beachfront, at the edge of a Palm Grove, in Cerritos Beach, BCS, Mexico, dreaming up what to do next with the business.
wana surf
Not quite a year old, this product has already gotten a strong foothold in the California market. No small feat in an overly saturated tequila state, based on who is who, and who you know, and if the juice is no good, its out, because a new celebrity is about to launch their own tomorrow. Did I mention Cerritos is not quite a year old  yet and rather extraordinary, as they have taken home medals in Tequila Competitions in their maiden voyage year!
Clearly there is a respect and harmony in the team that makes this tequila. Its got to be symbiotic, blending seamlessly the passion and drive for success with the serenity of the surf lifestyle, evidently the formula’s are all working from team to the bottle. 
Brilliant chemistry was the result of this endeavor, between the collaborators and the end result, without a doubt. Dude, if the surf’s not up, take a chill with a snifter of Cerritos….available in a lot more places soon, I hear!

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