Riazul Premium Tequila

Riazul_400Never mind that this product has a great back story steeped in great Mexican History and Tradition, or that the presentation is sexy and off the hook glam, or that I had to good fortune to be the Marketing Director for a couple of years. Never mind that the Founder’s are as good looking and charismatic as the products themselves……… the compelling thing about this product is actually the juice inside.

Introduced into the market at New York Fashion Week, when the Anejo was tested for market feedback, the product has taken flight and is among the favorites of the most discerning Tequila palates. inaki

With Medals from Tequila.net and world renowned  Beverage Tasting Institute (BTI), to name a few, Riazul Premium Tequila is nothing short of extraordinary. Each class, Silver, Reposado and Anejo has it’s own character and distinctions within the product family.

Smooth, refined and carefully crafted, the family of tequila’s produced by this label are exceptional and distinctive. The Silver, sipped or mixed, is smooth and leaves no back bite. The Reposado distinguishes itself in the hints of citrus  it leaves on the palate and is perfect neat or mixed, for enhanced flavors. The Anejo, my personal favorite, speaks of dessert. Like a smooth cognac, the overtures of vanilla, caramel and some might say chocolate, is best served in a snifter and enjoyed in leisure.

The bottle and presentation suggests romance and elegance, and speaks to a luxury lifestyle of taste and distinction.

Available in 10 States (www.riazul.com), and in the hippest restaurant’s and bars in city’s such as New York, Chicago and Houston, you won’t go wrong ordering a cocktail made with Riazul Premium Tequila. If you are looking for it and it is not available in your state, you can find it via http://www.drinkupny.com and they will ship it to you!

Inaki Orozco and Adora Galas- Founders of  Riazul Premium Tequila

Inaki Orozco and Adora Galas- Founders of Riazul Premium Tequila


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